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    Pens, pencils, stationary accessories and tools all designed and handcrafted by Lorna Williams. They accept custom orders and commissions and will work with you to create designs to suite your style, ideal functions and aesthetic. Williams' studio is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. They provide local pick up as well as domestic and international shipments. Please contact for more information about products.


    Lorna Williams


    Offering artistic and unique writing utensils. Each handcrafted pen and pencil is one of a kind in its design and created especially to assist in the displaying and documentation of its user's character, visual creativity and declarations. I am producing merchandise that can be gifted and cherished for many years to come. 

    My process is very technical and detail oriented. I cut and assemble various materials such as specialty woods, stones, marble, acrylics and metals. I then use a lathe and chisels to turn and carve down these designed materials into casings for pens and pencils. After carving, I sand and polish the surfaces of these pen and pencil casings. Once the finishing process is complete, I press and assemble the pen and pencil mechanisms and hardware into their casings to produce functioning writing utensils.